With jobs that require working at height, businesses don’t want to be faced with variables. When it comes to tall structures and difficult to reach sites, Industrial Rope Access is an essential tool but its application and use can vary due to many different factors.

Green Flag aims to assist Site Operators in establishing a transparent safety system and culture by providing thorough third-party Compliance and Audits.

We also aim to assist with Project Management and multiple contractor Coordination on sites where an independent professional can bring efficiency and neutrality to a turnaround or major project.

Know your Rope Access
Contractor is in Compliance

Green Flag makes it possible for your business to have a better understanding of the contractors you use and the services they provide. Using technology to promote transparency, Green Flag opens up the world of Industrial Rope Access.

Getting Informed
with Green Flag

Easy Online Documentation
Compliance for Contractors

Rope Access has important safety and reporting requirements so we make sure this important step in safe rope access isn’t overlooked.


Monitoring Safety

Our online system requires routine paperwork updates from rope access providers, ensuring that you have access to up-to-date safety information. It also keeps you informed of incidents involving rope access. We can inform you of issues which may have involved a dangerous occurrence or policy infraction, even if they occurred outside your site.

Site Audits

Our Green Flag auditors can perform a physical site evaluation. We document policy and procedural site safety compliance, as well as perform contractor reviews to make sure that onsite work methods, policies, and procedures conform to the general rope access platform and your onsite requirements. This ensures that everyone understands the correct procedures, which is paramount for the safe use of Industrial rope access.

Accident Investigation
& Recordable Incident

Accident Investigation & Recordable Incident Review

When an accident or recordable incident occurs, it’s crucial to learn everything possible from the event in order to protect your company and mitigate future risk. Our professional investigators will partner with you and lend their knowledge and experience for a thorough review and examination. Our investigators are ready for immediate site mobilization, giving you the peace of mind that comes with a proactive response.

Start-to-Finish Project
Management & Consultation

Start-to-Finish Project Management & Consultation

Each and every project is different. We offer a wide range of project management skills, from pre-job reviews, to full on project coordination from start to finish. We can control larger projects, and be the neutral partner where multiple contractors are required. This may be on a turnaround or in a full-time facility involving dividing work scopes and checking that your contractors are adhering to their safety goals and requirements.

Request for Proposal

Our online system allows site operators to upload RFPs for available projects, which can be viewed by the fully compliant Green Flag community, or select contractors based on services and geography. Post RFPs just to your existing onsite companies, or open up your jobs to additional contractors that may have added skills and services that meet your requirements.