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Green Flag aims to assist Site Operators
in establishing a transparent safety system and
culture by providing thorough third-party
Compliance and Audits.

Make Safety
Your First

For Rope Access Contractors,
Green Flag compliance shows you
mean business.

What Green Flag can do
for your Business:

Online Compliance

Offering organized and accessible compliance information, providing better understanding of rope access for site operators and easy document management for contractors.

Site Audits

Our Green Flag Auditors perform physical site evaluations, ensuring that a rope team’s onsite work methods, policies, procedures, conform to safety standards.

Accident Investigation

In the event of an accident, our professional investigators will partner with you and lend their knowledge and experience for a thorough review and examination.

Project Management

Green Flag offers start-to-finish management and consultation for any project, assisting in everything from review & consultation to full-on multi-contractor management.

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News Update:

Rope access news from around the globe. Check back frequently for safety notices and general information.

Final report and findings of rope access death in Alabama

Please take the time to read over this report and learn from this. Lack of supervision and awareness is to common these days. These environments are ever changing. Knowing how to rig some ropes and climb around doesn’t mean you know how to identify risks. Speak up and don’t be afraid to push back if…

Why Green Flag

During my time with Global Ascent Inc and Team Qualspec, we spent a great deal of time & money subscribing to companies like ISNetworld, Browz & PICS Auditing (now Avetta) which became frustrating due to the fact that these safety auditing companies knew very little about the documentation process of Industrial Rope Access. This is…

It’s a very common issue

It’s a very common issue when a tech turns up to a class to upgrade and haven’t been able to get the signatures required. Here is a helpful reminder from the IRATA Website. Technicians that are not always able to obtain signatures from an IRATA level 3 should have their hours signed by a person…

Making the industry more aware is a vital part of our growth

Making the industry more aware is a vital part of our growth SPRAT are providing Research Grants for companies to shed light on issues that continue to be grey areas for us. Please read the article below . Annual Research Grant Program The mission of The Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians is to advance…

Co Founder Gareth Ashworth’s Article which sparked Green Flags existence

Author Note An overview in the development of Industrial Rope Access throughout USA for use in the Oil & Gas Sectors. Gareth Ashworth has been involved with Industrial Rope Access since 1992 (24 years) and has been an IRATA L3 supervisor, Assessor and US IRATA Chairman, Owner and CEO of Global Ascent Inc. Having begun…

Green Flag Compliance launches Jan 2018

Green Flag’s co-founders Gareth Ashworth & Nick Cruickshank bring their years of knowledge and experience together to form a revolutionary platform to help the Industrial Rope Access industry. Follow Green Flag Compliance on Linked In & Facebook pages.