Rope Access Providers
& Trainers:

As a contractor that offers industrial rope access, you strive to communicate to your clients that your teams stand for professionalism, efficiency and safety.

Working with Green Flag offers a number of services and assets to grow your business.

Audits and Document

Easy Online Document
Compliance and Questionnaire

Get your paperwork together and communicate to your clients that you value transparency and safety.


Creating a Green Flag profile offers a streamlined way to keep your documents in order and up-to-date, while allowing your teams live access to records and procedures.

Site Audits

Show your client you practice what you preach by completing a physical site audit of your team’s safety procedures and processes. Green Flag can also audit your training facility to show compliance to perform rope access training.

Document Assistance

Our comprehensive forms library has everything you need to fill any gaps in your compliance paperwork. Combined with our ability to provide specialist documentation if needed, we make it easy to request what you need and get your team up to date.

Better for Business:


Keep all your past audits organized on your profile, and get reminders when items need to be updated.

Easy Bidding

Getting Green Flagged opens you up to quality projects. Find work and easily upload RFPs and bid packages all in the same place.

Accident Investigation

Don’t let an accident define your business. We provide timely accident and near-loss incident investigation, helping your team get the upper hand, while mitigating the unwanted consequence of future accidents and other reportable incidents.

Education & Consultation

Turn to Green Flag for education and consultancy services. Whether you’re a seasoned supplier or new to the industry, our experts can offer guidance and take your team to the next level.


Looking to get insured? We can provide assistance and guidance to get in touch with the right company, potentially saving you on insurance costs.

New to rope acceess?

Green Flag will work with you to understand your needs and help you identify the right, and safest, provider.