Green Flag aims to promote a culture of safety and efficiency by making it easier for site operators and contractors to learn and connect. Offering a range of Compliance and Audit services, including a quick and easy online document service,

Green Flag empowers site operators and contractors to develop, improve & streamline their Industrial rope access safety systems.

Over decades of international experience, Green Flag’s auditors are uniquely qualified to offer support and service across all aspects of the industry.

Green Flag & Rope Access
 in Global Industry

Industrial Rope Access has become the safest and most recognized solution to working at height in the global industrial market. As more and more businesses implement rope access, the industry is experiencing a growing need for third party checks and audits. Green Flag lends their independent, experienced eye to both site operators and contractors in the rope access industry.

The complex and industrial sites that keep the world moving come with their own set of needs to maintain optimum performance. Green Flag offers industry-leading compliance services to help promote safety and efficiency:

Online Compliance

Site Audits

Accident Investigation

Project Management


Knowledge is Key

The key to any successful project completion is knowledge. Rope access projects can become costly from a range of factors, including inexperienced teams, poor planning, poor safety procedures, and other uncalculated risks that can slow things down and put workers at risk. This makes it important for industries to understand the basics of rope access so that projects start and end well.


We support industries that require industrial rope access with our platform that allows companies to pursue the highest standards in safety.


  • Taking Safety Forward

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